Surface-Atmosphere Fluxes Using Unmanned Systems at NASA in Moffett Field, CA

September 14, 2020
Moffett Field, CA
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Surface-Atmosphere Fluxes Using Unmanned Systems

Several NASA Earth Science disciplines including Carbon Cycle & Ecosystems, Biological Oceanography, and Tropospheric Chemistry would benefit from improved measurements of gas, heat, and momentum fluxes from ocean and land surfaces to the atmosphere. This project is focused on making use of NASA’s unique capabilities in unmanned aircraft and remotely operated sensor systems to improve measurements of surface to atmosphere exchange and to apply the findings to improvements to NASA satellite data products and models. The proposer should have experience in integrating and operating payloads onto unmanned or manned aircraft and should ideally have experience in deriving 3D winds from aircraft. Several new instruments will be delivered over the next year including a 15Hz CO2, CH4, and water vapor gas analyzer, CO2 isotope analyzer, and OCS/CO gas analyzer and it is expected that these instruments can be used to support this program element. Additionally this project would benefit from miniturization of existing instruments and components to enable improved measurements from small UAVs.

Job Expires: 2020-10-15
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