Stay at home mom jobs trending now

10 Stay at Home Mom Jobs that are Trending Right Now

Remote working is increasingly common, but it was not as common when I began almost a decade ago. At that time, finding stay at home mom jobs wasn’t impossible, but it wasn’t easy either. Today, there are tons of opportunities for moms who want to work from home, and I think that’s great! However, finding the right job for you can still be challenging.

To help you out, I’ve compiled a list of 10 trending stay at home mom jobs. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find the perfect fit for you!

Stay at home mom jobs #1: General Virtual Assistant

  • Average Annual Salary: $38,000 USD ($19/hour)

A General Virtual Assistant provides administrative support for remotely working teams. Administrative tasks can include, answering emails, scheduling meetings, performing online research, creating presentations, and more.

Requirements: You will need a strong internet connection and experience with various online communication tools, such as Skype and Google Calendar. Proficiency in Microsoft Office is a must, and you will need excellent organizational and time management skills.

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Stay at home mom jobs #2: Customer Service Representative

  • Average Annual Salary: $32,000 USD ($16/hour)

As a Customer Service Representative, you will respond to customer inquiries using detailed knowledge of the associated brand and products/services. You will also process orders, forms, applications, and requests. Customer Service Reps also keep records of all customer transactions and communicate with colleagues as necessary.

Requirements: You will need a high school diploma or a general education degree. Strong communication skills are a must, especially the ability to remain calm when interacting with stressed customers. You will be working by phone and with a computer. Experience with customer support is a plus.

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Stay at home mom jobs #3: Data Entry Specialist

  • Average Annual Salary: $34,000 USD ($18/hour)

Data entry specialists are responsible for entering data into databases quickly and accurately. Sometimes this includes taking orders from customers and entering the information into a tracking system. More advanced roles involve prioritizing and batching information for data entry and performing information analysis.

Requirements: Strong Microsoft office skills are a must, especially in Excel and Word. Typing proficiency is useful, and in some instances required. You will also need a reliable computer and internet connection.

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Stay at home mom jobs #4: Proofreader

  • Average Annual Salary: $51,000 USD ($26/hour)

Proofreaders review, proof, and edit written and digital content to ensure that the final product is error-free, consistent with existent policies, and accurate.

Requirements: Proofreaders must have an excellent command of English spelling, grammar, and syntax with a keen eye for spotting mistakes. You must be comfortable working with computers in a fast-paced environment while managing multiple projects at a time. A Bachelor’s degree is often required.

Stay at home mom jobs #5: Social Media Specialist

  • Average Annual Salary: $37,000 USD ($19/hour)

As a social media specialist, you will develop social media content plans that are relevant to your client’s brand, manage a high level of content posting, communicate with social media followers, and develop strategies to ensure best results.

Requirements: Along with experience in using all social media platforms, you will need familiarity with analytical tools such as Google Analytics and Hootsuite. A Bachelor’s degree in journalism is sometimes required. Excellent written and verbal communication skills is a must.

Stay at home mom jobs #6: Accounting Clerk

  • Average Annual Salary: $40,000 USD ($20/hour)

Accounting clerks provide accounting support for their clients using a general ledger system. Accounting clerks ensure that all files are complete and maintained as needed, handles accounts payable, and works with other accounting personnel. Accounting clerks also manage invoices and delinquent accounts.

Requirements: Skills include excellent analytical and computational skills, proficiency in bookkeeping programs, and a high level of trustworthiness; related experience and referrals is a plus.

Stay at home mom jobs #7: Graphic Designer

  • Average Annual Salary: $45,000 USD ($23/hour)

Graphic designers create a variety of digital visuals that convey necessary information in an effective and aesthetically pleasing manner. This can include design for web pages, brochures, logos, advertisements, and more.

Requirements: Proficiency in creative software programs such as Adobe Creative Suite and InDesign is required. You must have strong communication skills and the ability to translate abstract ideas into captivating visuals. Experience is highly emphasized; a portfolio is necessary to showcase your talent.

Stay at home mom jobs #8: Health Coach

  • Average Annual Salary: $60,000 USD ($30/hour)

As a health coach, you will conduct consultations and evaluations that help clients meet their health and recovery goals. You will provide guidelines for reducing or eliminating unhealthy behaviors and develop seminars to promote useful information.

Requirements: Expert knowledge in the related field of health is a must along with strong written and verbal communication skills. You must offer compassion, patience, and empathy for those in recovery. Previous experience working with clients is preferrable.

Stay at home mom jobs #9: Transcriptionist

  • Average Annual Salary: $29,000 USD ($15/hour)

There are a variety of transcriptionist jobs based on the type of information being transcribed. You might listen to recorded dictations and translate them into long-form text, review drafts prepared by speech recognition software, and spot errors within final reports.

Requirements: Superb listening skills is essential. You must manage time wisely and demonstrate the ability to meet tight deadlines. Typing proficiency and general computer skills is a must along with proper usage of the English language.

Stay at home mom jobs #10: Online Tutor/Teacher

  • Average Annual Salary: $39,000 USD ($20/hour)

Online tutors offer group or individual instruction via a virtual learning environment. You will communicate with students verbally and visually, administer assignments, and share course materials and other resources in a secure and controlled manner.

Requirements: Tutors must be experts in the field they are teaching, usually with an accompanying college degree or certification. Online tutors may choose to be accredited by the National Tutoring Association. Excellent communication, organization, and interpersonal skills are necessary in any case.

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As you can see, there are a variety of stay at home mom jobs for people of all skillsets, educations, and backgrounds! The above offers some basic information, but don’t take the decision lightly. Do your research, and you’re sure to find the best job for you!

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