9 Work-From-Home Jobs for College Students for a Bright Future 2

9 Work-From-Home Jobs for College Students for a Bright Future

Work-from-home jobs for college students are easier than ever to come by. In-fact, with so many options out there, you might have difficulty finding the best job for you.

Why not choose a job that will help you succeed in your future career?

Maybe you don’t have a major yet. That’s okay too. You can still find a job that’s suited to your strengths, so you can gain experience that could pave the way for your future.

Below you will find work-from-home jobs for college students that fall into these categories:

  • Creative
  • Technical
  • Customer Service

If these areas are not interesting to you or relevant to your skillset, then continue to the bottom of this article for some easy and legit ways to make money online with little to no experience.

Creative Work-From-Home Jobs for College Students

You’ve probably heard of people making money on platforms like Etsy and Cafe Press. These are great when you want to use your artistic ability to make a few dollars, but if you want a job that’s geared towards long-term success, you might be interested in something like:

Graphic Designer

Average Entry-Level Pay: $26/Hr.

Job Description:

Graphic designers create visual works of art using computer software. The designs are used to promote a business brand an applied through advertisements, brochures, websites, and more.

Job Requirements:

Most professional graphic designers have a degree in graphic design, but you don’t have to. Knowledge and experience with desktop design software including InDesign, Illustrator, or QuarkXPress and Photoshop are sufficient. Having a portfolio of your work will help you land a job without a degree, especially if you indicate that you are pursuing a related education.  

Video Editor

Average Entry-Level Pay: $16/Hr.

Job Description:

Video editors organize recoded raw material into a finished product that is suitable for broadcasting. This material can include camera footage, dialogue, graphics, and special effects.

Job Requirements:

Experienced gained through a course in film or media production can provide the skills you need, but it is not required. Familiarity with editing equipment and software with examples of quality work can suffice.

Article and Content Writer

Average Entry-Level Pay: $20/Hr.

Job Description:

Article Writers and Content Writers create written content for business blogs and other forms of digital media. Reviewing and revising content for publication is sometimes required. Some article writers build their own blog and brand rather than creating content for other entities.

Job Requirements:

If you are pursuing a degree in journalism, English, or digital marketing, article writing can be a great way to gain relevant experience. However, no degree is necessary. Excellent command over the English language, the ability to communicate ideas effectively, and proofreading skills are important. Most clients ask for examples of work or offer paid test articles.

Technical Work-From-Home Jobs for College Students

Are you pursuing a degree in the technical sphere? Although high-level technical jobs require degrees, you can find entry-level work-from-home jobs for college students if you can prove your ability to perform well in these areas.

Junior IOS Developer

Average Entry-Level Pay: $30/Hr.

Job Description:

As a Junior iOS developer, you will assist with developing applications for mobile devices for Apple’s iOS operating system.

Job Requirements:

You will need to be familiar with iOS and Android operating systems. Knowledge of HTML, HML, EDI, and API are also ideal.

Junior Web Designer

Average Entry-Level Pay: $21/Hr.

Job Description:

As a Junior Web Developer, you will assist with the creation of new websites or updating existing websites and applications using various scripting languages. You will assist Senior Developers with coding, testing, and design adjustments.

Job Requirements:

There are no formal qualifications required to work as a Junior Web Developer; however, pursuing a degree in math and science is helpful. You will need experience with related website coding languages and an appreciation and understanding of user experience and user interface.

Technical Writer

Average Entry-Level Pay: $20/Hr.

Job Description:

Technical writers prepare instruction manuals and articles that communicate complicated, technical information in an easy-to-understand manner.

Job Requirements:

You don’t need a degree in technical writing, but it helps if you are pursuing a relevant degree in areas like Journalism and English. If you demonstrate the ability to present complex ideas in written form, then you can be a technical writer. Examples of your writing will be required.

Customer Service Work-From-Home Jobs for College Students

Do you have a knack for helping people? Do you have great people skills? If so, then you can make decent money in the customer service sphere. No previous experience is necessary, but you will have to commit to the scheduling of your employer. Night and weekend jobs are often available.

Call Center Representative

Average Entry-Level Pay:  $12/Hr.

Job Description:

Call Center Representatives answer customer calls related to questions, complaints, or concerns. They work to offer proper information and solutions according to the guidelines provided by the company as it pertains to their products, services, and customer service policies.

Job Requirements:

You will need a reliable internet connection, great verbal communication skills, telephone etiquette skills, and data entry skills.

General Virtual Assistant

Average Entry-Level Pay: $15/Hr.

Job Description:

As a General Virtual Assistant, you could be required to perform a variety of digital tasks like online research, email management, appointment setting, document creation, and more.

Job Requirements:

You will need familiarity with all Microsoft Office applications, excellent written and verbal communication skills, and organization skills.

Technical Support Worker

Average Entry-Level Pay: $12/Hr.

Job Description:

As a Tech Support worker, you will manage, maintain, and repair IT systems by taking online calls or engaging in online chats. The goal is to provide step-by-step support that is easy to understand and results in the desired resolution.

Job Requirements:

You will need expert knowledge of operating systems along with strong interpersonal skills and problem-solving skills.

No Experience? No Time for a Big Commitment? No Problem!

Here Are Some Bonus Work-From Home Jobs for College Students that Anyone Can Do:

Online Tutoring: Venues like SameSpeak and TutorMe offer paid online tutoring jobs. You will assist those who want to learn a second language from native speakers or get help mastering their subject of choice. If you’re good at math, English, science, or any other subject within your current studies, you can make money by tutoring online.

Online Surveys: You won’t make a lot of money doing online surveys, but there are some reliable platforms that offer fair compensation. The most popular venues include, Survey Junkie, Slice the Pie, and Humantic.

One Final Note!

In your search for work-from-home jobs for college students, remember the importance of keeping safe when working online. There are many scams and dangerous traps to be aware of that seem like legit ways to make money. Stay safe out there!

There are many work-from-home jobs for college students that earn decent money and advance your future before your degree is earned. Once you graduate, you will have your foot in the door as new opportunities arise.

See something that sparks your interest? Do you have another kind of job in mind? Browse WFH Jobs today! You might find just the job you’ve been looking for.

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