Top 10 Work-from-home Office Products for the Best Experience Possible 2

Top 10 Work-from-home Office Products for the Best Experience Possible

To get things done—and to feel your best as you do—I want to share 10 top work-from-home office products that you might want to try.

Many people are working remotely these days. If you’re new to the challenge, or even if you’ve worked from home for many years, you want the most comfortable and productive space possible.

So, if you are wondering, do I really need my own office space, the short answer is, yes.

You will need a space that’s just your own. It can be an entire room that you want to transform into a home office, or it can be the corner of your bedroom, a section of your dining room or den, or any place that you can work in comfortably.

Work-from-home Office Products: My Top 10 Picks

Once you have scoped out your location, consider investing in these work-from-home office products. You will be glad that you did.

A Comfortable Desk

Find a desk that works for you. Maybe you prefer something small and simple, or maybe you need a lot of working space complete with drawers, shelves, or other storage features. It’s really up to you and depends on the size of your space and the work you will complete. My own desk is small because I don’t want it to take up a lot of room, but it is big enough for my computer, some folders, and a storage caddy. You do you!

Now that you have your desk, what will go on it?

Desk Lighting

Unless you have adequate over-head lighting, a desk light might be useful. Or you could purchase a tall lamp and place it near your desk. Working in a dimly-lit space is bound to make you sleepy, especially if you like to cram in a lot of working ours during early morning hours and after dark—when the kids are quiet and asleep—like I do! For me, lighting is essential.

Personal Touches

Now that you have enough light, what can you add to your desk that will make it your own? Maybe you need storage caddies, or maybe a few homey touches will make the space more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing like a small plant or pictures. Have fun with it, but don’t over clutter your space. As for me, I don’t like a lot of clutter—I have enough of that already—so storage caddies are among my list of necessary work-from-home office products.

Ergonomic Keyboard

The last thing your desk will need is a keyboard, and if you do a lot of typing, preferably one that is ergonomic. An ergonomic keyboard places your hands and wrists in the most natural position possible, helping to reduce strain that can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. As a content writer, I type thousands of words each workday. Keeping good typing posture is important, and having a good keyboard helps.

Now that your desk is all set, let’s think about other work-from-home office products you will need.

Ergonomic Office Chair

Sitting for hours in an uncomfortable chair is not only painful, but it can also damage your posture, leading to spine curvature, chronic back pain, headaches, poor circulation, fatigue, and more. Who knew that office ergonomics was so important? This is not something you want to skip out on, and thankfully there are many ergonomic chairs that are reasonably priced. This is one area I need to upgrade!

White Board

This might be one of the simplest work-from-home office products on our list, but it is very helpful. A whiteboard, cork board, or bulletin board is great for getting organized. You can post your schedule, make notes to yourself, or add some personal decorative touches that make you space feel a little more fun. I have a dry erase board and a cork board, and both are full of notes, schedules, and cute pictures that my kids drew.

A Reliable Wireless Router

Unless you want to deal with a tethered connection, a wireless router is a must, and so is a reliable internet connection. Shop around for the best internet service in your area, and make sure that you choose a router that is proven to provide a seamless connection. Few things are more annoying when working from home than a low-quality internet connection. This I know all too well!

A Quality Computer and Monitor

There are many kinds of computers and making the right decision for you depends on the kind of work you will be doing. Maybe a simple, inexpensive laptop will do, or maybe you need a more powerful system. In any case, you will need a reliable computer that will hold your programs and perform the tasks you need to complete without crashing. I use a laptop computer because I like to be mobile, but because of the frequent use I usually replace my laptop every two years or so.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Staring at blue light producing screens, like computer screens, can lead to a condition called, digital eye strain. This damages your vision and causes a general sense of fatigue. Blue light blocking glasses are supposed to protect your eyes and reduce the effects of digital fatigue. Blue light also disrupts melatonin production, so if you struggle to get to sleep after working at night, blue light blocking glasses might help. I have not tried these myself, but I want to!

Exercise Equipment

If you have the space, it might be a good idea to include some form of exercise equipment in your list of work-from-home office products. If your budget is small, a yoga or stretching mat will do the trick. Sitting for too long isn’t good for your health or your productivity.

Having a spot within your office encourages you to get up and move around every now and then, which provides much-needed stress relief when working from home. This is not something I have done myself, but I think this is a great idea for those who are able to devote more space to a work-from-home office.

Creating the space you need to get the job done is very helpful, and I hope this list of work-from-home office products gives you a good head start! After giving it some thought myself, it might be time that I updated my own office space!

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