How to find better writing Jobs

Better Writing Jobs: Get Paid More & 6 Top Job Boards

Writing jobs can be hard to find. Many writers want to work-from-home, be in charge of their time, and of course, make good money. But a lot of us struggle to make just enough to pay the bills. And that’s because we don’t know where to find the high paying clients.

When I started writing, I focused on bidding for writing jobs on content mills like Fiverr and Upwork, where I made very little money. Most of the clients only sought the best value at the cheapest rate. And the percentage that went as commissions to those sites was very discouraging- 20%! 

After a few months, I began searching for writing jobs in different places. Now, I’ve gotten rid of low paying clients that frustrate freelancers. To avoid these kinds of clients, you have to look through freelance writer job boards consistently. 

But before mentioning the best writer job boards, it’s good to highlight different types of writing you can do to make money.

Types of Writing Jobs

There are many types of writing jobs, from blogging, medical transcription, to technical writing. Let’s go over five popular types of writing that are most common among freelance writers.

Article Writing 

Many company websites and digital magazines need in-depth articles to educate their visitors and readers. So they regularly need article writers to help them carry out analyses and develop original contents that land them sales or traffic. You can, therefore, make regular earnings from contributing engaging content to their sites. 


Blogging is becoming more popular amongst freelance writers. Blog posts are generally conversational, focusing on, e.g., entertainment, lifestyle, politics, and health, or informing a target audience. Many website owners and business owners are therefore on request for contributors or ghostwriters. As a writer, you can also decide to run your blog.


Copywriting is majorly to promote a brand. Stores need to engage visitors to influence sales and conversions. Many writers are now embracing the opportunity to write copies for store owners. And some of the things they write are web copies, landing pages, marketing campaigns, and CTAs, i.e., Call to Actions.  

Email Marketing

Companies send emails to both prospective and existing new customers so they can make more sales. This type of writing provides writers with marketing experience an opportunity to earn more money. By writing headers, engaging newsletters, sales funnels, and sending email alerts to these customers, you bring more ROIs to companies and make more money. 

SEO Writing

SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Websites use it to rank high in search engine results. Using Analytics, companies highlight keywords that their targeted audience keeps searching for on the internet. So they require SEO writers to create engaging short or long-form posts with these keywords.  

There are a lot of other writing types for freelance writers. They include ghostwriting, grant writing, product descriptions, store reviews, and proofreading. 

The 6 Top Job Boards for Writing Jobs

After a few months of doing so much work and receiving pennies for them, a friend introduced me to writer job boards. There, I found a lot of organizations offering regular gigs. I further went through their blogs to learn from other digital nomads how to succeed in freelance writing. 

There are a lot of writer websites today. But following no particular order, here are the ones I’ve found to be most relevant. 

Contena ?

If you’re starting your freelance career, Contena is the best writing job board for you. The site shows you how to set up a successful freelance career. All you have to do is subscribe to their Gold plan or the Platinum plan, which suits telecommuters hoping to grow quickly with their business.  

The writing jobs you’ll find on this site are remote and in several niches such as food, finance, and travel. And you can choose any writing type, i.e., copywriting, content writing, email marketing, amongst others.  

Working from home is enjoyable with this platform, which allows your build writing projects to sell to companies. Their agency option enables you to choose a company to work with and get paid per hour. 

Also, the Contena Academy exposes you to coaches that mentor you in your writing career. And you can be sure of enough jobs since it is a member-only writer job board. Contena stands on its relevance and credibility by offering you a money-back guarantee. So if you’re dissatisfied with them, you can opt-out.

Freelance Writers Den ?

You need to pay a monthly fee of $25 to access this job board, which has helped many freelance writers earn more, writing from home. This informative website offers lectures on relevant aspects of freelance writing jobs. For instance, you’ll benefit from a series of topics such as “The Step by Step Guide to Freelancing Success.” 

The freelance writer job board opens its vast library to subscribers. There, you’ll find useful writing tools and resources. They will come in handy for your writing business.

Freelance Writers Den also allows you to report technical issues, make suggestions, and even ask Editors questions that bother you. Also, you’ll socialize with and learn from other writers via discussions and critiques. If you regularly  visit the board, you can join their live events where experts discuss relevant freelance writing topics. 

 You can either participate live or watch the recording of events whenever you’re chanced. To benefit from the writers’ site, you’ll have to join a waiting list. That’s because the Den only accepts new members at specific times during the year. 

Glassdoor ?

This online job has proved highly relevant for content writers. You can create a personalized profile of yourself on this job board and tailor your resume for precise writing roles. This showcase of your skills and interests makes you visible to companies that might need your expertise.  

Glassdoor shows its users’ company reviews. You can easily detect the management style of the company and their salary range. Also, you get a hint of their working condition. 

The writer’s job board goes beyond listing writing opportunities. Their blog shares relevant information, such as job-specific interview tips with you. It also allows you to set your pay rate, and where you don’t know which rate to ask for, Glassdoor shares insights on freelancer rates. 

Meanwhile, it’s important to note that this particular site lists full-time jobs a lot of times. So if you seek a full-time role, this is the best platform for you. Without cost, you find well-paying writing jobs. 

Indeed ?

Indeed is an extensive website, which shows you where remote working opportunities are. The general job board brings you fresh and relevant writing jobs. It does this by allowing you to choose jobs in your local community or a specific industry.  

This freelance writer job board is user friendly, as it shows employer ratings. The site also reveals the salary range of each job post and their required experience levels, helping you know whether to click on a post or not. 

One of the best features of Indeed is its array of jobs. You’ll find telecommuting jobs in industries such as healthcare, social media, food, and others regardless of your niche.

By using this website, you can easily find writing jobs. And it does not matter whether you are new at freelance writing or want to earn more money writing. The digital board caters to every writing niche. 

Problogger ?

Problogger is one of the best writer job boards. You’ll find high paying clients here without a subscription fee. The job postings are detailed, so you know what the client wants. Most times, you will see their pay rate, which helps you decide whether to apply for a job. 

Clients pay to have their writing jobs listed on the platform. So there’s no doubt about the genuineness of the job opportunities you see there. Their site also allows you to filter your searches, enabling you to view only ads specific to your niche or preferred areas. 

Successful writers prefer Problogger because they find new writing jobs daily. More so, you can access useful writer resources to help you format and edit posts or even popularize blogposts. 

This writer job board offers a lot to writers. For instance, if you’re a blogger, the site helps you learn more about blogging’s business aspect. You’re not just meeting employers; you also find tips for starting your blog or maximizing your writer’s website. 

Work-from-Home Writing Jobs ?

WFH Jobs is a platform where remote workers can gain the best knowledge of how to work from home while searching for jobs. So you don’t just find writing opportunities as a writer. Instead, you learn from the experiences of others like you who work from home. 

The site has millions of work from home opportunities and articles. And they make it easy for you to find them. You can use their Keyword or Location filter to find writing jobs and blog posts tailored to your category as, e.g., a writer, parent, manager, or work from home mom.

WFH Jobs is one of the best freelance job boards for Programmers, Customer care agents, online teachers, and several other digital nomads. So whether you seek a volunteer or freelance remote work, you’re on the right page of the internet. 

As a writer, you gain a lot from other telecommuters’ experiences and learn from industry experts. Also, you get to share your own experiences and success tips with other digital experts like you. By following their Guest Content Guidelines, you share and get paid writing, too. 

These job boards have been the best so far, so you should check them out! There are other steps you can take to earn more money writing. But right now, let’s see how to find high paying clients. 

How Can You Find Better Paying Clients?

Every writer wants to make good money even from the comfort of their home. Yet many seem to make no headway with their targets. Hence, they give up when they don’t find the clients of their dream. 

But here’s the truth- If you stop searching for writing jobs, you’ve already failed! 

When most writers start freelancing, we ignore our preferred rates to win clients over. Though negotiations are necessary, you may find yourself soon making a habit of charging ridiculous rates. Before you know it, you find yourself working so hard, with no equivalent reward. 

To earn more money writing, you need to review your rates. After cutting your payment rate in half a few times, you have to increase it. Do this gradually until you can boldly say that clients compensate you for the value you bring to their business. 

You need to stop shortchanging yourself if you intend to make more money as a writer. The truth is that there are clients out there ready to pay for your services. You only need to find your way to them. And here are a few ways to do that: 

Know Your Strength

The first thing to do is to know your strengths. Find out what you’re best at and what separates you from other writers. Then, find out the kind of skills that your clients need. It will help you understand them.  

Though clients appreciate adaptability, it is usually best to market your best skill. Target a specific niche or service. It may be frightening, but it has worked for many successful freelance writers. 

For instance, you’ll see that the most popular blogs focus on one niche, e.g., lifestyle, entertainment, and outdoor. Most clients want to work with specialized writers  and are ready to pay you for your in-depth knowledge and skills in their desired area. 

Identify Your Ideal Client

Review your writing goals and objectives as an individual. For instance, if you enjoy posting on Social media or SEO writing, search for writing jobs in those areas. Then, make sure to enhance your skills and build a network around such niches. 

Also, you can create your writer’s website with a portfolio page. It will help prospective clients go through your recent projects. That helps them realize your style of writing and your expertise. 

Then, deliberately post on social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook from time to time. It will help demonstrate your writing and engagement skill. 

Join Writer Communities 

To succeed in freelance writing, you need other writers. You, therefore, need to stay active in online forums such as Hubspot, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, etc. These networks share tips to relating with clients and connect you with organizations seeking writers. 

Also, walking up to people you meet at, e.g., writers’ events, goes a long way in connecting you to better-paying clients. These other writers will immediately drop you an email when their organization’s work becomes overwhelming, and there’s a call for more writers. 

More so, you can collaborate with them to get work done sometime in the future. 

Visit Job Boards Regularly

The six writer job boards listed earlier will connect you with clients that pay writers well. Once you find these higher-paying clients, step back from the low paying ones that frustrate your hard work. 

Ensure that you make a habit of checking these job boards so you can be ahead of new job openings. And most of these boards send mails to you daily, when you drop them your address. 

So spend time searching for writing jobs there, rather than sending proposals for lower-paying jobs. While the clients on Upwork seek the least paid freelancer, those on WFH jobs lookout for the best value and are ready to pay. 

However, you might want to consider some lifestyle changes. After going through these job boards and following the above pointers, it remains challenging to secure an ideal client or make more money from writing. That’s because success is a combination of several factors. You can read my thoughts on Why Hard work Doesn’t Guarantee Success.

The Path to Better Writing Jobs

As a writer, you need to promote yourself. And searching through writer job boards is one of the easiest ways to find new clients that generate more income for you. By spending about 5-10 minutes on a job board every day, you increase your chances of finding higher-paying clients that help you make more money. 

You can also choose one of the job boards to surf every other day. Whatever approach you opt for, make sure you don’t stop searching for jobs. Build a routine, and you will be just fine. 

It is not impossible to earn more money writing. You only have to search for better writing jobs. And one of the easiest ways to do that is by reaching out to potential clients. But don’t forget to do that the right way. 

Keep searching job boards and stay active within writers communities. Lastly, avoid these 7 common rookie mistakes.

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