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7 Ways to Earn Extra Money for the Holidays by Working from Home

Who doesn’t need to make some extra money for the holidays? I know I do!

It’s good to remember that the holiday season is a time of thankfulness, kindness, and joy. Unfortunately, this season also comes with a great deal of stress for many, and finances are often to blame. From preparing large meals to travel expenses, purchasing gifts, holiday decorations, and more, this time of the year can become expensive fast.

What’s the solution?

Unless you want to rack up credit card debt, your best bet is to find a part-time side job. This can be challenging, especially if you already work full time.

Have you considered making money for the holidays by working remotely?

Make Money for the Holidays with Seasonal Remote Work

As a mother of three, I’ve had to manage a side hustle or two at times, especially when the holidays are approaching. I understand how challenging it can be, so I recommend working remotely. It’s just plain easier when compared to working nights or weekends onsite. Here are some of the benefits that make working remotely ideal:

  • Flexible scheduling on your own time
  • Better work-life balance
  • Increased productivity
  • Money saved on food, gas, and clothing
  • Ability to work anywhere, even when you’re on holiday vacation
  • More employment options

If you’re looking for a way to make money for the holidays, then here are some remote jobs you might be interested in.

Track Customer Orders as a Data Entry Clerk

It’s no surprise that retailers experience a sudden rise in orders during the holiday season. To help manage this spike, some businesses hire seasonal data entry clerks. As a data entry clerk, you will input customer orders into a database. Your employer will expect you to input the information quickly and accurately, so you will need proficient typing skills. Familiarity with Microsoft Excel and Word is another must.

Keep Shoppers Happy as a Customer Service Representative

Holiday shopping can be fun, but it can also be a pain. If you’re a good communicator who loves helping others, then you’re just the person for this job! As a customer service representative, your job is to improve customer experience using detailed knowledge of the products and/or services being sold.

If that sounds overwhelming, don’t fret just yet.

Your employer will provide all the training you need. Once you’re ready, you will put your people skills to use by processing order forms, handling customer inquiries, resolving customer disputes, and more.

Manage Purchases as an Order Processor

Do you have great organization and time management skills? If so, retailers are looking for someone like you to help manage holiday orders. As an order processor you will evaluate orders for accuracy, identify incomplete orders, verify client information, manage inventory, and communicate with customers to help ensure their satisfaction.

Boost Productivity as a Virtual Assistant

From answering calls and emails to scheduling meetings, performing online research, purchasing holiday gifts and more, virtual assistants are in demand during the busy holiday season. If you are computer savvy, a great communicator, and well organized, then a virtual assistant job might be a great way to make money for the holidays!

Utilize Your Typing Skills as a Transcriptionist

Good listeners and flawless typists can make money for the holidays as a transcriptionist. There are many kinds of transcriptionist jobs. Generally, you will listen to recorded dictations and translate the information into long-form text. Some transcriptionists jobs require knowledge of a second language. For example, you might be asked to translate English audio into Spanish text.

Engage Customers as a Content Writer

Most businesses have a website, and they need fresh content on an ongoing basis to ensure that their website retains a high rank on the major search engines. If you have a knack for writing, then you might find work as a freelance website content writer or a blog article writer. You’ll have better luck if you specialize in one area of writing, such as health, finances, and law, to name a few. Maybe your day job provides you with insight that you can translate into quality content for professionals in your line of work.

Beat Holiday Pounds as a Fitness Trainer

If you’re a fitness buff, then you might make money for the holidays as a digital fitness trainer. It’s an unfortunate reality that people tend to fall of the fitness wagon during the holidays, but some curb this problem by hiring a health guru for little extra support. You can provide workout routines, meal plans, and digital coaching to help your clients stay strong during this time of temptation—and it’s a great way for you to stay in shape too!

There are many ways to make money for the holidays, so it’s just a matter of finding the right job for you. I hope this list got you off to a good start. I know first-hand how financial troubles can be worrisome and put a damper on seasonal festivities, so I want to leave you with one last tip:

Remember what the season is all about.

We all want to provide good things for our loved ones during the holidays, but never forget what matters most: enjoying quality time with the friends and family we love. So, get out there and make extra money for the holidays, but don’t let financial stress rob you of the real reason for the season!

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