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Exclusive: Online School Interview with Florida Virtual School Elementary Teacher (25min.)

In this video interview, we talk about my experience teaching virtually at FLVS. It was recorded this summer(2020). Check out my answers to common questions about FLVS, virtual elementary school, and what it’s like being a virtual teacher. You might be interested in this interview if you’re a teacher or a parent of a student considering an online school, including FLVS, K12, Connections Academy, or another program.

Work-from-Home Jobs – What’s the #1 Thing You Need to Know?

People have a lot of questions about work from home jobs. Our mission is to help you grow in your career with WFH jobs. But, we need your help! We need help understanding the challenges you are facing in finding jobs where you work at home.

308 Work From Home Content Ideas

Are you looking for content ideas about working from home? Maybe you want to create guest content for our blog. Here are hundreds of work from home content ideas to help you get started.  Work From Home Content List How to work from home? What are the best work-from-home jobs? What website offers a legit way to work from home? What is the best online home based job? The Best Jobs Working From Home What are the best websites that offer remote jobs? Are there…

Work from Home as a Permanent Option – 3 Simple Steps

Employees are asking to continue their work from home. What do you need to know about making work from home a permanent option for employees? Who should be eligible? How are business operations affected? What about insurance and workers’ compensation policies? As a virtual accounting firm operating under a distributed model since 2013, we, at Summit CPA, have experienced the transition from conducting business in a physical office environment to having our team entirely remote in a virtual office setting. With that said, we have…

Remote Cybersecurity FAQs for Better Business in 2020

Remote Cybersecurity FAQs Introduction Hi, I’m Alex, and I spent more than 13 years working in cybersecurity at McAfee. Now I’m bringing that cybersecurity experience to small businesses as the CEO of PreCog Security.  Remote cybersecurity is a growing concern as businesses worldwide are enabling their employees to work from home. Business owners and employees both have questions about remote cybersecurity. What must be done to securely work from home? Small businesses have a lot of questions about the impact of remote work on cybersecurity.…

Master Managing Remote Teams

Managing remote workers can be challenging. How do you manage a remote team? Time management, communication, availability, expectations, and feedback are all essential. In this article, we are going to be discussing how you can effectively manage people working for you remotely, letting you know the advantages and challenges that come with working from home, and guidelines you can follow to effectively manage your remote team and ensure productivity.

Virtual Teacher Communication with Parents & Students (5 Useful Tips)

Teachers all around the country have been thrown into virtual classrooms. Now that so many of you are virtual teachers, I wanted to share some of my tips on how you can communicate virtually with your parents and students. These are tips that I’ve learned that both parents and students respond to during my experience as a full-time virtual teacher in a public elementary school.

Master Your Morning Routine

Today we’re talking a little bit about the importance of morning routines with your work from home spouse or partner.

7 Remote Cybersecurity Concerns When Firing an Employee

What happens to remote cybersecurity when you fire a remote employee? What can you do to maintain good cybersecurity practices? It starts with preparing policies and procedures. Here are seven cybersecurity concerns when firing a remote employee.

3 Secure Ways Access Remote Company Networks

Securing access to remote company networks is very important for remote workers that require access to sensitive information on company networks. Here are three common ways for workers to access remote company networks.

3 Steps to Improve Remote Cybersecurity

How do you improve remote cybersecurity? Here are three steps you can take to harden the cybersecurity of your remote business operations.

Remote Cybersecurity: 11 VPN Security Concerns

How should business owners approach VPN Security according to best practices in remote cybersecurity? Business owners need to enable their remote employees to access company resources. What must be done?

Wear Whatever You Want & Make Sure You Are Productive

It’s nice to be able to wear whatever you want when you work from home but make sure you are being productive. I still dress comfortably but just changing from my pajamas gives me extra motivation for the day.

I Never Work from Bed

Proud to say, I’ve never worked from bed. Even when I am feeling under the weather, I at least work from the couch.

Great Experience Working From Home

Working from home can be a great experience. Just think about it, you can earn a living without leaving your comfort zone! Yes, it’s amazing, but it is still not so easy.

3 Quick Tips for Remote Work From Home

Did you just start to work from home? It may seem tough. But, it doesn’t have to be. Millions of people just like you have mastered working from home. Start with these three quick tips to become more productive working remotely!