Alex Paunic

Alex Paunic is the CEO and Co-Founder at PreCog Security Inc. He has 13+ years of experience in CyberSecurity including positions at MxLogic, McAfee, and Intel providing SMB & Enterprise channel business development. He is responsible for launching and managing all Intel Security and McAfee business (sales, marketing, operations) platforms at the Fortune 100 company Tech Data. Currently, Alex is providing cybersecurity services, including risk mitigation, penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, & software security with PreCog Security Inc. Need help with cybersecurity? Get a Security Risk Assessment with the Security Meter tool found on our website and an initial security consultation PreCog Security experts. PreCog Security also offers email phishing training through the Security Protection Program. Request a consultation.

Remote Cybersecurity FAQs

Remote Cybersecurity FAQs for Better Business in 2020

Remote Cybersecurity FAQs Introduction Hi, I’m Alex, and I spent more than 13 years working in cybersecurity at McAfee. Now I’m bringing that cybersecurity experience to small businesses as the CEO of PreCog Security.  Remote cybersecurity is a growing concern as businesses worldwide are enabling their employees to work from home. Business owners and employees both have questions about remote cybersecurity. What must be done to securely work from home? Small businesses have a lot of questions about the impact of remote work on cybersecurity. Here are my answers to some of the most frequently asked questions small business owners have about remote cybersecurity.