How Workers Access Remote Company Networks

3 Secure Ways Access Remote Company Networks

Securing access to remote company networks is very important for remote workers that require access to sensitive information on company networks. Here are three common ways for workers to access remote company networks.

Remote Company Network Access Point #1: Virtual Private Network (VPN)

The most popular option is a virtual private network, also known as a VPN. It is fairly easy to set up and secure if configured properly. But, VPNs can be inconsistent or unstable. For example, some applications may not work depending on how the VPN enforces security policies.

Remote Company Network Access Point #2: Remote Desktop Server

Remote Desktop Server where any remote machine can access remote desktop servers once the connection is open. However, this option requires more maintenance.

Remote Company Network Access Point #3: Third-party Software

Software and services, like LogMein, can provide secure access to company network servers. One of the benefits of these turnkey solutions is that they require little maintenance. However, this option has the highest cost compared to the other two access points.

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