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Remote Cybersecurity: 11 VPN Security Concerns

How should business owners approach VPN Security according to best practices in remote cybersecurity? Business owners need to enable their remote employees to access company resources. What must be done when providing VPNs so that remote workers can access the company network, business data, and work files securely from home? What are the best practices of VPN security?

DO These Things When Using a VPN for Remote Work

  • Have a strategy, process, and framework in place. 
  • Before the company even considers installing VPN it needs to ensure that it has adequate firewalls and anti-virus on all its assets.  
  • If assets are not known, it is imperative to conduct ongoing asset discovery and keep track of all assets (machines, tools, servers).  
  • Before VPN is deployed it is imperative to draft a security policy that will serve as a framework on who will have access to the network, how much access, authentication method, and what type of data can be accessed. Within this policy, businesses should decide on the most appropriate VPN protocol. 
  • Typically small businesses opt-in for SSL (Secure Socket Layer)  VPN protocol to its clientless features, easy installment, and secure channel for transmitting data via public-key cryptography. Another option is the Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol with IPSec encryption for the Windows environment. 
  • For other options, there are third-party VPN solutions including Cisco, Juniper, and SonicWall.
  • Consult reputable sources before deploying a third-party VPN.

DON’T Do These Things When Using a VPN for Remote Work

  • Do not start deploying VPN without procedures in place (who has access, which data is accessed). 
  • Do not deactivate your firewall, do not enable file sharing on your desktop. 
  • Do not share your password with other people. 
  • Do not deploy third-party VPN that has a bad reputation or low-security reviews.

Remote Cybersecurity FAQs

Proactive VPN security can harden the cybersecurity of your business. What else do you need to know about remote cybersecurity as a small business owner? In addition to using a VPN, see what I have to say about remote cybersecurity for small business owners.

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