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Traditional Work from Home Jobs

Working from home is being tested by more and more offices.

Do you feel like working from home is one way to achieve your freedom?

Many people accept jobs that don’t make them happy because they don’t know how to earn a living while having personal satisfaction.

Do you want a work from home job? But you don’t have any clear ideas on how to get started? That’s why we put together a list of the most common jobs you can do at home. Most of these jobs only require a computer and an internet connection.


If you like writing and you are a creative person you need to try out this job. This is one of the most popular positions for people that work from home. You are going to have your independence, but you will need to find your clients by yourself. Your writing will help businesses sell their services. You should start reading books on the topic. Some great copywriting books include:

  • “Everybody Writes” by Ann Handley 
  • “So You Think You Can Write? The Definitive Guide to Successful Online Writing” by Julia McCoy
  • “The Copywriter’s Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Copy That Sells” by Robert W. Bly

 Also, if you are a beginner you should invest in a copywriting course, where you can learn all the basic skills. You can find these courses on popular platforms like Coursera and Udemy.

The most successful copywriters get a percentage of sales and can earn millions of dollars per year.

Day Trader

Do you have any knowledge of finance? If the answer is yes, then this is the right job for you. The Internet has many digital platforms where you can buy and sell financial products, the only thing that you need to do, if you want to start earning some money, is to invest capital. This is a perfect job if you are passionate about the stock exchange. If you are interested in this field you should check out some YouTube videos, many of which are made for beginners. However, this path requires existing capital and is very risky. It’s easy to confuse gambling with trading. To avoid scams you should only use websites that are well known and have many reviews. Those are two platforms safe and very easy to use, so they are a good starting point if you are a beginner.


Are you very fluent in one or more languages? Becoming a translator is one of the easiest careers that you can start. You aren’t just going to get money, but you will have also the opportunity to use your language skills and improve them. Companies are constantly looking for someone who can translate websites, contracts, and other documents. If you know a niche language, such as a Chinese dialect or Bengali, you have an even bigger advantage. Translating is a great starting point for people that are multi-lingual to begin working from home. Usually who has this job doesn’t earn much money, but you can improve your income getting a specialization, for example in the legal field or in medical one. In this way, you will not only have more work but you will be paid more.  

Data Entry

Data entry means putting alphabetic, numeric or symbolic data into a company’s system. Companies have massive amounts of data. Usually, this work has compensation based on how much data entry you can do. To do this job you need a high school diploma, but you can attend a course and obtain a data entry certificate. Normally these courses can last even twelve months, but they are necessary if you want to know what the job consist in. Another solution is to get a contract which includes a trainee, but this won’t be an option if you want to be self-employed. If you are a beginner you should check out Capital Typing and clickworker. 

Note: Watch out for scams. You should never have to pay to begin working. 


If you are really interested in a topic, such as travel, fashion or whatever draws your attention, you should write about it in a blog. Turning your passion into a well-paid job is easier than what you’d think. If you know how to sell your personality you can build an entire empire. There are many examples. It’s easy to find resources on how to get started. These days it isn’t difficult to become an influencer, but you need to be a good one if you want to work for a long time. However, most people don’t make much money until years after starting. Writing blogs for other people is the best way to earn money now as a writer that works from home.

Graphic Designer 

Are you an artist or love to draw? Are you skilled in Photoshop? If you want to work with your creativity and your ideas, this is the job for you. A graphic designer will need to have IT and draw skills, but also communication skills and to be good at problem-solving. If you don’t have a degree in graphic design, you can still apply to these jobs through self-study. You need a portfolio and to get a good one you will have to do experiences, even if they are low paid. To be inspired you should visit graphic designers’ websites. Your job will be to draw the attention of your costumers to the item you are advertising and persuading them to buy it. You need to be original and never boring.

Do any of these jobs sound interesting to you? If not, that’s not a problem, because more and more jobs are getting the opportunity to work from home. Explore thousands of more jobs using our work from home job search.

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