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๐Ÿ•‘ January 14, 2021
๐Ÿท๏ธ Full Time
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Under general direction of an educational administrator, to provide counseling a diverse student population regarding personal, educational, career development/vocational choice, psychological testing, and other matters, utilizing various assessment techniques, to provide orientation and outreach efforts and crisis intervention and emergency counseling, to function as liaison between students and District faculty members, secondary schools, other post-secondary educational institutions, and the community, and to do related work, as required.

Examples Of Functions and Tasks Academic Advising/ Educational Planning
- ESSENTIAL: Assist students with the process of course selection and other educational processes/experiences; provide information regarding District degree/certification requirements; provide direction regarding selection of educational major(s); provide information regarding transfer requirements to other post-secondary educational institutions; develop Student Educational Plans (SEPs) with individual students, updating as necessary; evaluate student progress toward established goals.
PERIPHERAL: Refer students to other District and/or external support services for assistance, as appropriate to meet student needs.

Career/ Vocational Counseling and Development
- ESSENTIAL: Assist students to clarify life and career goals; provide assistance to students to develop greater self-knowledge and self-awareness to enhance self-esteem; provide "world of work" vocational information to students; obtain current labor market information for students; maintain information regarding occupational trends; utilize a variety of occupational resources and systems to serve student needs; administer to students and interpret various career assessment tools.
PERIPHERAL: Provide students with job-seeking skills and strategies, as appropriate

Personal Counseling
- ESSENTIAL: Provide personal counseling to students, as appropriate, regarding assistance with interpersonal relationship issues and problems, development of interpersonal communications skills, clarification of values and goals, psychological and/or behavioral difficulties, development of decision-making skills, chemical dependency problems, gender/sexuality issues and concerns, health problems and concerns, and/or other problems and concerns; provide referrals to students to external community mental health and/or professional counseling and/or other assistance agencies, as appropriate to meet student needs; provide crisis intervention and/or emergency counseling for students experiencing serious problems, as necessary to meet student needs.

Assessment and Interpretation
- ESSENTIAL: Provide counseling to students to assure that assessment/matriculation regulations and guidelines are followed; administer to students and interpret various career assessment instruments; provide advisement to students based upon results of basic skills assessment.

- ESSENTIAL: Instruct Personal Development courses, including developing and providing curriculum for student enhancement, maintaining current occupational information and professional resources, reviewing current texts, presenting lectures and lessons, maintaining records of student grades and attendance, and participating in conferences and professional workshops, as authorized.

Outreach/ Liaison
- ESSENTIAL: Participate in visits to local area high schools to provide outreach information; function as liaison between the District, local area high schools, and other post-secondary educational institutions regarding Counseling Center programs and services.
PERIPHERAL: Attend community events as District representative, as authorized; provide bi-lingual translational assistance to students and prospective students regarding information on District and/or Counseling Center programs and services, as assigned and authorized.

Student Advocacy/ Development
- ESSENTIAL: Facilitate support groups for students, as feasible and appropriate; provide workshops for students on topics of interest, as appropriate; refer students to District and/or external resources and support services, as appropriate to meet student needs; participate in new student orientation.
PERIPHERAL: Participate as a member of student governmental and/or District shared governance and/or other committees with regard to student affairs, as feasible and appropriate.

District Programs
- ESSENTIAL: Participate as a member of District shared governance and/or other committees regarding District affairs, as feasible and appropriate; function as liaison between Counseling Center and other District organizational units and/or individual faculty or other staff member(s), as necessary; participate in District institutional planning, as requested.

Specialized Programs
- ESSENTIAL: Participate in program development for specific student and/or prospective student populations, as requested; coordinate activities of specialized programs, as requested; evaluate activities of specialized programs, as applicable.


Knowledge of:
ESSENTIAL: General counseling theories and practices.
PERIPHERAL: Community resources; microcomputer operation.

Ability to:
ESSENTIAL: Communicate effectively with and maintain effective and cooperative working relationships with students, staff, and managers; provide diverse counseling services to a diverse student population in areas of academic, career, and personal counseling, work independently, identify and solve problems; communicate effectively orally and in writing, listen effectively; follow oral and written directions; develop curriculum; instruct assigned classes; supervise student and/or other temporary help and/or classified employees; function well under pressure from deadlines, timetables, etc.
PERIPHERAL: Maintain empathy, friendliness, and a sincere desire to help others; maintain flexibility with regard to responding to situations requiring tact, discretion, sensitivity, and creativity with respect to providing services to students on an individual basis; process large amounts of information and disseminate information accurately and clearly; operate a microcomputer.

Physical Suitability


ESSENTIAL: Incumbent must be able to function indoors in an office and/or classroom environment engaged in work of primarily a sedentary nature, and to accomplish the following, with or without reasonable accommodation: Almost Constantly: Sit, to accomplish desk work and to counsel students; utilize vision (near) to write and to read printed materials and computer screens; utilize hearing for ordinary and telephonic conversation and to hear sound prompts from equipment; utilize manual and finger dexterity to type/keyboard and/or utilize mouse and otherwise operate a microcomputer and other office equipment. Frequently: Utilize vision (far) to observe student demeanor during counseling sessions and observe students in the classroom; walk, to move about office, classroom, and campus environs; stand upright and forward flexing, to present lectures and lessons in the classroom.



CCC Minimum



Master's in counseling, rehabilitation counseling, clinical psychology, counseling psychology, guidance counseling, educational counseling, social work, career development, marriage and family therapy or marriage, family and child counseling OR the equivalent.
NOTE: A bachelor's degree in one of the listed degrees and a license as a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) is an alternative qualification for this discipline.

If claiming equivalency, please attach the Request for Equivalency Hearing form. The equivalency form may be found at:

Individuals who have completed college or university course work at an institution in a country other than the United States must obtain a complete evaluation of foreign transcripts, degrees and other relevant documents.

Individuals who have completed college or university course work at an institution in a country other than the United States must obtain a complete evaluation of foreign transcripts, degrees and other relevant documents.
A foreign transcript evaluation is required any time foreign course work is used to meet minimum qualifications and/or salary placement even if the foreign transcript has been accepted by a college or university in the United States.

Companies that provide transcript evaluation services:

  • World


  • Educational Credential Evaluators

Supplemental Information Sierra College is a Community College located near Sacramento, California where a heavy emphasis is placed on academic excellence and student success. Since its founding in 1936, Sierra College has focused on quality instruction and meeting the evolving needs of the students and communities that it serves. The Sierra Community College District covers more than 3,200 square miles and serves the Northern California foothill counties of Placer and Nevada, as well as parts of El Dorado and Sacramento. We serve over 18,000 students throughout the region in both on-ground and online courses, including students at our main Rocklin Campus as well as at three centers located in Grass Valley, Tahoe/Truckee, and Roseville. Our District prides itself on academic excellence, having been named an Aspen Prize for College Excellence eligible institution for 2019.

Sierra College has a strong commitment to the achievement of equity and inclusion among its faculty, staff, and students and values the rich, diverse backgrounds that make up the campus community.
A strong candidate for this position must demonstrate a profound understanding of and experience with successfully supporting individuals with varying backgrounds. This includes persons with disabilities, various gender identities and sexual orientations, as well as individuals from historically underrepresented communities and other groups. Our District is committed to providing strategies for success and proactive student-centered practices and policies focused on eliminating equity gaps to ensure the District provides an inclusive educational and employment environment focused on strategies for success and equitable outcomes for all.

As an institution, Sierra College is committed to eliminating the equity gap in all student populations with dynamic, learner-centered practices and policies that fully engage the college community. The ideal candidate will share the College's commitment to helping its racially and socioeconomically diverse students succeed in their degree and career objectives. Currently, Sierra College enrolls 18,300 students per term, where approximately: 21% of Sierra College's students are Latino/a/x, 3% are African
- American, 3% are Filipino, 6% are Asian
- American, 1% are Native American, 1% are Pacific Islander, 7% are multiracial and 57% are White.

The successful candidate will join a College dedicated to the use of culturally responsive teaching strategies and methods that meet the varying needs of our students and ensure a successful learning environment. Sierra College demonstrates its commitment to equity by supporting ongoing professional development for students, faculty, and staff. These opportunities include trainings and workshops on equity and inclusion, a Faculty Equity and Inclusion Certificate, SC4 (Sierra College Community, Creativity, Culture, and Collaboration Training), active Academic Senate standing committees concerned with student success and equity, a Presidential Equity Advisory Committee (PEAC), culturally responsive student engagement centers, support for our undocumented and AB540 students, campus-wide equity summits, a robust set of programs, events, and conferences related to equity-mindedness and supporting the success of our diverse students.


Placement on the District's Faculty Salary Schedule is dependent upon years of experience and level of education. Entry-level is from $60,076.80 to $80,508.67 at the time of employment. The current highest salary attainable after employment is $107,889.31. The District offers a very competitive benefits package, which includes health and welfare as well as income protection. Employees also will be members of the State Teachers Retirement System (STRS). Sick leave, sabbatical, and other leaves are available according to the provisions of the collective bargaining agreement.

There are five (5) required documents to apply for this position:

  1. Sierra College Employment Application,
  2. Resume or Curriculum Vitae,
  3. Cover Letter that addresses the responsibilities and qualifications listed above, including:
    • The transferable experience, knowledge, skills, and abilities for college-level counseling;
    • Experience and expertise in culturally-responsive counseling methods, particularly as it relates to career, personal, and academic counseling.
    • Evidence of responsiveness to and understanding of the racial, socioeconomic, academic, and cultural diversity within the community college student population, including students with different ability statuses (e.g., physical and/or learning) as these factors relate to the need for equity-minded practices within counseling, the classroom, Student Services, and the campus community.
  1. Applicable Transcripts showing degree and date conferred/awarded,
  2. Counseling Philosophy Statement that must include discussion of the following Questions:
    • Describe how your background and experiences have prepared you to work in a diverse academic environment where the student body varies widely with regard to socioeconomics, cultural/ethnic backgrounds, linguistics and physical/developmental disabilities.
    • Describe how your counseling approach has changed/evolved since you began counseling. Provide examples of what motivated the change(s).
    • What role should counseling faculty play in student success?
      How might that differ, be similar or integrate with the role of teaching faculty as related to student success?
    • Describe how your education, training, experience, and/or professional activities enable you to do the job which you are applying. Please use specific examples.

Given the current pandemic in our country, interviews will likely take place virtually via Zoom or a conference call.


Other terms and conditions of employment are specified in the applicable collective bargaining agreements on file in the District Human Resources Department. Position description of record on file in the Human Resources Department.

* Sierra Community College District currently operates campuses in Rocklin, Roseville, Truckee and Grass Valley. In its management of a multi-campus environment, the District reserves right of assignment including the right to change assignment locations and shift assignments based on District need. Although this position may currently reside at the Rocklin campus, the assignment location may be subject to change as needed. Additionally, the district reserves the right to cancel, revise or re-announce this position as well as any and all positions at any time.


Sierra College is an equal employment opportunity employer committed to nondiscrimination and the achievement of diversity and equity among its faculty, staff, and students.

Persons with inquiries about the application of Title IX and/or EEO may contact the Director of Diversity, EEO & Title IX (Title IX Coordinator) at the address below, at (916) 660-7006 or via email at .

Persons with questions regarding reasonable accommodation of physical and other disabilities should contact the Sierra College Human Resources Department at (916) 660-7105.

If you have limitations hearing or speaking, the State of California offers a specially-trained Communications Assistant (CA) that can relay telephone conversations for all of your calls. Dial 711 to reach the California Relay Service (CRS). Dialing 711 is for everyone, not just those who have difficulty hearing on a standard phone. If you prefer having your calls immediately answered in your mode of communication, dial one of the toll-free modality and language-specific numbers below. The call will be routed to the CRS provider.

TTY/VCO/HCO to Voice
English 1-800-735-2929
Spanish 1-800-855-3000

Voice to TTY/VCO/HCO
English 1-800-735-2922
Spanish 1-800-855-3000

From or to Speech-to
- Speech
English & Spanish 1-800-854-7784

Closing Date/Time:

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Job Expires: February 13, 2021

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